Landscaping/Weeding Volunteers Needed!!

Landscaping/Weeding Volunteers Needed!

Due to yet another unprecedented year of trying to find companies to complete work needed on our landscaping, we are asking for some weeding help from our neighbors! A few members of the board will be out this Saturday (July 23rd) from 9am to 11am pulling weeds in our new landscaping areas. We would love it if some of you could join us as many hands make light work! We will be starting at the island on Bredenbury at 9am and then moving to the other areas along Heydenreich. We hope you’re able to join us and help make our new landscaping shine!

We are aware that some of the new plants are dying due to lack of water.  We have now addressed most of our sprinkler issues so the plants should be getting water every other day with the exception of areas along Bredenbury. It was discovered that the city cut through our main pipeline there while completing sewer work. Unfortunately it’s going to be quite a hefty repair, so we are working on a watering solution in the meantime. If we are unable to revive the plants, we will be contacting Weigand’s for a replacement through the warranty we received when the plants were purchased.

See you on Saturday and bring your garden gloves!! Thank you in advance!!

Landscaping Updates

Over the past few weeks there have been some exciting and much needed landscaping updates. Areas along Heydenreich and Bredenbury at 23 mile were cleared out, cleaned up, and new plants were put in. The trees along Heydenreich were all trimmed, cleaned up, and mulched. On tap for Spring 2023 is the berm area at Vesper/Heydenreich, some additional plants on the berms at Kinlet/Heydenreich and Vesper/Heydenreich, and around the new signs on 23 mile road – which will be landscaped to match the other signs following the completion of the road expansion. There are also a few dead trees on the west side of Heydenreich that will be replaced either Fall 2022 or Spring 2023. Below you will find some before and after pictures as well as an after picture of the area on Bredenbury. We hope these updates have helped to brighten up our neighborhood!

HOA Meeting Tonight!!

Don’t forget the Annual HOA Meeting is tonight at 7pm at CMPL North Branch 54100 Broughton Road, Macomb, 48042.

Here the Zoom links in you would rather attend virtually:

1st Meeting Link:
Topic: Buckingham Village Subdivision Association Annual Meeting
Time: Jan 10, 2022 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 730 6661 0316
Passcode: axDjc8

Second Meeting Link:

Topic: Buckingham Village Subdivision Association Annual Meeting Link #2
Time: Jan 10, 2022 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 738 9616 1528
Passcode: VJr5ig

Landscaping Update!! 10-14-21

As many of you have probably noticed by now, we are missing some trees! There were 12 plum trees along the east side of Heydenreich that were infected with black knot fungus that needed to come down. Unfortunately, the landscaping company we hired at the beginning of the year had issues hiring workers and was unable to complete any of the projects we had discussed. One of our very own Buckingham Village neighbors, William, owns a tree removal business and gave us a very fair price and did an excellent job getting rid of the trees and grinding down the stumps for us. Thank you, William! These trees will be replaced on 10/22/21 with a mixture of Red Maple and Red Crab Apple trees similar to what you see along the west side of Heydenreich. In addition, William also removed the middle pear tree on the island on Bredenbury and trimmed up the other two pear trees as the three trees had grown together and were much too large for the island.

In other exciting news, with the addition of electrical at all four of our BV signs, we have a company lined up to install holiday lights for us this year! Lights and garland will be installed on all four signs with lights also on the trees and shrubs behind the two signs on Heydenreich and lights on the trees and shrubs in the middle of Bredenbury. We hope this will bring some fun holiday cheer this year!

We appreciate everyone’s patience with us this year as we start making the much overdue updates to our neighborhood. We’ve accomplished so much this year and have many more plans in the works. Keep a look out for more exciting landscaping updates to the signs and common areas in the spring!


We followed up on reports of BV1’s new lights not working and we were saddened to find the breakers on both signs were intentionally switched off!

We, the new HOA board members, are trying very hard to begin updating our beautiful neighborhoods of BV1 and BV2. We have a plan for landscaping the signs on Heydenreich but the landscape company we hired is behind and has not been able to start the job yet. We will update the website as soon as we know more.

On the recommendation of the landscaper, we are holding off on new landscaping until the road construction is done. This way, the new landscaping is not trampled and destroyed by the road crews; causing the HOA, to have to pay a second time for landscaping.

UPDATE!! 4-30-21



The new and updated HOA bylaws are now on the Information page under the ECRs (Easements, Covenants and Restrictions).

Great News!! There is now electrical and lights by the signs! We can now have Christmas lights like other neighborhoods! If anyone would like to spearhead the new committee for decorations, please let us know!

There is a new company doing the landscaping this year. If you have any landscaping concerns in the common areas or by the signs, please notify us on the website.

We are holding off on the landscaping by the new sign until the widening of 23 mile is complete. This is so that the new landscaping is not destroyed by the construction machinery. Although the landscaping will be reworked along Heydenreich for BV1.