We followed up on reports of BV1’s new lights not working and we were saddened to find the breakers on both signs were intentionally switched off!

We, the new HOA board members, are trying very hard to begin updating our beautiful neighborhoods of BV1 and BV2. We have a plan for landscaping the signs on Heydenreich but the landscape company we hired is behind and has not been able to start the job yet. We will update the website as soon as we know more.

On the recommendation of the landscaper, we are holding off on new landscaping until the road construction is done. This way, the new landscaping is not trampled and destroyed by the road crews; causing the HOA, to have to pay a second time for landscaping.

UPDATE!! 4-30-21



The new and updated HOA bylaws are now on the Information page under the ECRs (Easements, Covenants and Restrictions).

Great News!! There is now electrical and lights by the signs! We can now have Christmas lights like other neighborhoods! If anyone would like to spearhead the new committee for decorations, please let us know!

There is a new company doing the landscaping this year. If you have any landscaping concerns in the common areas or by the signs, please notify us on the website.

We are holding off on the landscaping by the new sign until the widening of 23 mile is complete. This is so that the new landscaping is not destroyed by the construction machinery. Although the landscaping will be reworked along Heydenreich for BV1.

Date Correction – Annual HOA Meeting

PLEASE NOTE!! The correct date is January 12, 2021 at 7pm. The meeting is still via Zoom. The link will be posted here, closer to the meeting date.

As this is an election year for the HOA Board, with all positions up for vote, please let us know if you are interested in running prior to to the meeting. This is so we can mention you during the meeting, before the vote.

The board positions up for election are: President (2 year term), Secretary (2 year term), Treasurer (2 year term), General member (yearly), General member (yearly).