Save the Date! Annual HOA Meeting

Save the Date!

The Buckingham Village Homeowners Association’s 2019 annual members meeting will take place on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. It will be at the MCPL North Branch meeting room at 7PM. Keep an eye out in December for our new message boards around the neighborhood announcing the meeting as well. Please spread the word and we hope to see everyone there!

2018 Annual Members Meeting


Thursday, January 10th, 2019 7PM  – North Branch Clinton-Macomb Public Library

Since many of our neighbors expressed concern that the meeting last year was around the holidays, making it difficult to attend, we made the decision to move it to a less chaotic time of the year.

All board member positions are up for a vote this year so we’d like to have as many of our neighbors attend as possible. Please consider running for a position as we need your help and input!! All positions are 100% voluntary and do not receive payment in any form (no reduced dues or salary).

Postcards with meeting details will also be mailed out in the next few weeks. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Annual Subdivision Garage Sale!

Annual Subdivision Garage Sale

Friday, June 22nd – Sunday, June 24th from 9 AM – 5 PM

There will be signs posted around the neighborhoods soon to help get the word out! Hopefully participation is high this year, we have a decent amount of customers, and most importantly, the weather cooperates!! 



Entrance Sign Update 4/25/18

After over eight months of working with the contractor we hired for the sign installation, we received the below message yesterday on 4/24/18. I’ve blacked out the contractors information as this information is not necessary at this stage.

Unfortunately this means we are back at square one where we were hoping to have the signs installed in the next few months. We are hoping to quickly find another contractor and move forward. However, as you may recall from our annual meeting, this process is very labor intensive so whether it can be done quickly may still be an issue.

If anyone has a great recommendation of a sign company we can contact, please send an email to our HOA email at We need reliable recommendations only as our issue last year was that none of the companies we reached out to would return phone calls or keep appointments wasting everyone’s time.

Sign Email


Due to technical issues, we’ve created a new email account. We apologize for any emails we may have been unable to respond to during this time. Please use for all future inquires. You can also fill out the ‘contact us’ form on this site and we will try to address your concerns within 2-3 days.

Thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.

2018 Annual Dues Letter

*Annual dues invoices were mailed out on Monday, December 18, 2017*

Buckingham Village Subdivision Association 2018 Dues

Dear Residents of Buckingham Village,

During our annual meeting it was determined that dues would decrease from $200.00 to $150.00 annually. Construction on our new signs at the 23 mile road entrance, as well as electrical at all entrance signs, will begin this Spring. In addition, please be sure to visit our new updated website – By providing your email address on the payment slip below, you agree to subscribe to the website and receive important email updates each time information is added to the site. We hope this will help open up communication and keep everyone informed during our exciting updates this year!

2018 Board Members
Kristy Ownby – President
Rachel Rost – Treasurer
Jessica Edwards-Chrisopoulos – Secretary
Helen Poniatowski – Director
Karen Kruszka – Director

The positions of President, Secretary & Treasurer are serving their second of a 2 year term. The two Director positions elected will serve a 1 year term.

Dues & Late Fees:

  • $150.00 membership fees due February 1st, & payable until March 1st 2018 without late fee
  • $50.00 late fee from March 2nd to April 1st for a total of $200.00
  • additional $50.00 late fee from April 2nd to May 1st for a total of $250.00

Happy Holidays!

2017 Annual Meeting

2017 Annual Members Meeting

When: Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 @ 7PM

Where: CMPL North Branch Meeting Room

16800 24 Mile Road

Macomb Township, MI 48042

Agenda Items:

  • Review of Financials
  • Improvement Updates
  • Vote for Open General Board Positions (2)
  • Open Discussion

**Fliers will be mailed out on November 13, 2017**


2017 Sub Sale

This year our annual subdivision association garage sale will be held from June 22nd through June 25th. Signs will be placed throughout the sub and at the main entrances prior to the sale. Flyers were sent out in the mail with this information as well.

We look forward to a fun weekend and wish everyone luck on their sales!!


2017 Dues

Dues for 2017 are $200 per household and will follow the schedule below:

  • $200 if paid prior to March 1, 2017
  • $200 plus $25 late fee if paid between March 2, 2017 and April 1, 2017
  • $200 plus $50 (previous $25 plus another $25 fee) if paid after April 2, 2017

** Please note: if you have not yet paid your dues as of April 2, 2017, you should have received a letter showing your past due balance. Please send your payment to the address below prior to June 15, 2017 in order to avoid the lien process and additional fees.

Payment Address

Buckingham Village Association

51194 Romeo Plank Rd #314

Macomb, MI 48042-4111


Welcome to Buckingham Village Association’s new website! This website is intended as a way to keep our neighbors informed and updated on what’s happening in our neighborhood.

If you’d like to receive email updates each time new information is posted on the site, please enter your email in the Subscribe to this Site section at the bottom of the main page and click the Follow button. This will help ensure you’re staying up to date with everything that is going on in our Subdivision Association.

The About tab at the top of the main page contains board member information and any other information about the Association.

If you have any questions or comments please click the Contact link at the top of the main page.


HOA Board Memebers