Landscaping/Weeding Volunteers Needed!!

Landscaping/Weeding Volunteers Needed!

Due to yet another unprecedented year of trying to find companies to complete work needed on our landscaping, we are asking for some weeding help from our neighbors! A few members of the board will be out this Saturday (July 23rd) from 9am to 11am pulling weeds in our new landscaping areas. We would love it if some of you could join us as many hands make light work! We will be starting at the island on Bredenbury at 9am and then moving to the other areas along Heydenreich. We hope you’re able to join us and help make our new landscaping shine!

We are aware that some of the new plants are dying due to lack of water.  We have now addressed most of our sprinkler issues so the plants should be getting water every other day with the exception of areas along Bredenbury. It was discovered that the city cut through our main pipeline there while completing sewer work. Unfortunately it’s going to be quite a hefty repair, so we are working on a watering solution in the meantime. If we are unable to revive the plants, we will be contacting Weigand’s for a replacement through the warranty we received when the plants were purchased.

See you on Saturday and bring your garden gloves!! Thank you in advance!!