23 mile entrance sign update

Most recently the township had a change in planners, the new planner for the city and was very helpful in our meeting at the site (7/21/2020).   He unfortunately was not here when the sign went for the original plan review in January (once we finally got the signs onto the docket).   The sign was approved during that review meeting pending on us making the change so that the area of signage portion of the sign is 12 square feet.   We made that adjustment and sent it back for final review.     Placement of the sign was also in questions during that review.   Macomb Twp representative met us at the site.   We determined placement of the signs and submitted that to the city for review.  The placement that we determined (which is an appropriate set back) is not within what they can approve.   This placement must be further defined and go to the Zoning Board of Appeals for approval (September).   I am confident it will be approved.   Right now we have the placement staked and Miss dig has been called.   We plan to go to the site on Wednesday to see if there are any issues out there with our placement (i.e., gas lines).   If everything looks good, we will move forward with our submittal to the Zoning Board of Appeals.   Don’t give up.  It is a process, but will be approved!